Sunday, October 29, 2006 when does my weekend start?

We made it to the Halloween party and the birthday party. The dog has dog food. The laundry is done. There are still dirty dishes, but fewer of them. The house is still messy. I organized Fiona's drawers and pulled her summer clothes. I opened all the mail, sorted the bills, recycled 20 pounds of junk mail and envelopes, but I haven't actually paid the bills.

I haven't had a chance to knit or sew all weekend. But I did put together a crafting activity for the kids at the Halloween party. It went really well. I printed out masks in the shape of a bat, cut them out, and provided glitter glue, sequins, buttons, scraps of fabric, yarn and some roving in various colors. The kids really seemed to enjoy it.

I have a declaration to make. I will plant the bulbs I bought next weekend. It will be my number one priority. Period.

Tomorrow at lunch there is a knitting circle. I can't wait.

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