Tuesday, October 17, 2006

An adventure

The sewing machine repairman was able to do his job. My but he was an odd duck. He told me after he got there that I should just go about my business, but he ended up calling me to the machine or engaging me in conversation about every 90 seconds.

Last night I decided to jump in and work on Fiona's costume. It was wonderful. It only took about two hours total to figure out the measurements, cut the fabric, gather the crinoline-like material, and put it all together. I bet if I knew what I was doing it would have been even faster! : )

I definitely need to take some sewing lessons. I found a class here that I think will work for me.

I finished Alex's hat, hurray! It was too small, boo! But I've already started it again and I'm about 2/3rds done, hurray!

These little booties are so cute. I first saw them on Sooz's blog. I'm really tempted to try making them. I also found a tutorial for a patchwork and chenille quilt for a doll, a good Christmas gift for Miss Fi. And this wrap, how cute (and easy) is this?

Oh, and the pièce de résistance, I discovered Colinette Parisienne at Weaving Works. They had it knit up in a fern lace scarf. It was so beautiful. So, now I am going to knit something for myself for the first time ever.


thisisloveforever said...

ooh that yarn is so pretty. i am learning to knit riht now but i am in the stages of doing a few rows and then unravelling it all. i am going to keep doing that until i feel like i am comfortable with the needles. it's all very zen.

craftydabbler said...

When my grandmother taught me to knit she gave me a pair of needles and a skein of yarn. She taught me how to knit and purl, but not how to cast on or bind off. I would knit and make it the size of a potholder, and then undo it but leave the cast on intact, then knit again till it was the size of a scarf and then undo it. Now, twenty years later, I finally found out how to start and finish. : )