Friday, October 06, 2006

No, I stuck a bead from Audrey's necklace up my nose.

If you pick your child up from daycare and notice that she has the sniffles, and you say, "Oh, you have the sniffles?" And then she replies, "No, I stuck a bead from Audrey's necklace up my nose." I have something for you to try before you head off to your pediatrician or the ER. They taught me this at the ER last night. Hopefully you will be able to save $500 dollars and do this little trick at home. Have your curious little monkey lay down. With your finger, close the nostril without the bead (or whatever), ask monkey to open her mouth, seal your lips around her mouth as if you were giving CPR and then blow very hard. The little hot pink bead from Audrey's necklace will smack into your cheek along with some snot. The reason that the blowing hard works is that the vocal cords will snap shut and the air will be forced out the partially or completely blocked nostril. Of course, if there is bleeding or a bad smell or an uncooperative child or you just don't want snot on your face, go see the pediatrician.

I really thought my posts were all going to be about crafty stuff and not about medical stuff. I am considering going back to school though and pursuing a medical degree, so, maybe it isn't so outlandish that these things come up.

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