Thursday, March 08, 2007

A victory

I was sure that this post was going to be about failure, and yet it isn't. I started knitting something a few days ago, I can't really say what though. It has some YOs in it. I forgot one. I didn't realize until I had finished the row, and of course it was at the other end of a lot of stitches. One imperfection isn't too big of a problem, so I decided to pick up the bar where the YO was supposed to be. I thought that would add the stitch back and things would be ok. It looked terrible after I finished another row. It needed to be fixed. To write it out, that I needed to make a YO, K1, YO and then purl those three stitches for the row above, sound easy and straight forward. It wasn't. I've never done anything like this before. First, I confused the which yarn was for which row and it was a tight, awful, twisted mess. The second time it wasn't as bad as the first, but it was still not right, then I realized I had forgotten to take out the stitch I had added to make up the for missing YO. I tried again. Third time's the charm. I wanted to have a glass of champagne afterwards.


Pikku- Kettu said...

I absolutely hate, no loathe, fixing patterns that have yos and *shudder* decreases. You have to do it over and over again to get it to go right. And sometimes I just fail.

Glad to hear that the third time proved to be the charm for you. Now don't you feel like an accomplished knitter? :)

Caro said...

You've made me dizzy and I don't knit. LOL

jackie said...

My last yo-tastrophe ended with a ball of yarn and a promise to not try and knit lace in the near future. Some promises are easy top keep. I'm glad that you managed to fix your oops.