Sunday, March 25, 2007

A question regarding hanging out the wash

Being raised around clothes dryers, I have never hung clothes out to dry on a clothesline. I'm going to put one in the backyard this spring/summer and give it a go. I've noticed when people have shared pictures of their washing hanging out on the line that socks are pegged by the toe. I've hung my wool socks up in the past, but always by the cuff. This leads me to believe that there are handy dandy tips out there for how to hang what so it isn't stretched out or damaged. So, to anyone who has any hints, please fire away.


elsewhere said...

Really truly? You've never used a clothes line?

Handy hints: peg things like shirts up so they'll keep their shape. This means less ironing for you later. It's often a good idea to fold a T-shirt over the line, roughly in half, rather than pegging two corners of the bottom half, if you don't want to stretch it too much.

Did you know that the Hills Hoist clothesline is an Australian invention? Must be all the sunlight that led to this.

Caro said...

I haven't used a clothesline in years, but I don't remember any particular way to hang things.

I do remember hanging clothes in a way where two things that touched used the same clothespin at the point where they touched.

I was chronically short of clothespins. They hide much like thumbtacks and other handy things that are never around when you need them.