Friday, March 16, 2007

Some lovely new life...

Here are some things from my garden (front yard). I don't know what this plant is, it was here when we bought the house. This is the only time of year I like it, because of its sweet little flowers. Really, its only offense is that it is in a bad location, and I could certainly remedy that.

This was one of my favorite surprises when it bloomed the second year we lived here. Again, I don't know what it is, but it makes these lovely purpley-blue flowers that last for a long time. There are blue bells coming up around it. It was hidden in a hedge. The hedge started to die off and then we saw them.

Here are some of the crocuses that I planted last fall. I love this picture.

Here is my clematis (macropetala) that I thought for sure would not survive our winter as it was in a pot the whole time. Just look at that litte flower bud.

Here is a little fern frond. I believe it is a wood fern.

The lovely orange crocus with the crimson stripes up the side. I haven't been able to get a good picture of it open yet. I will keep trying.

Here comes a tulip, again planted last fall. I didn't mark where I planted what, so it will be a nice surprise.

Here is a little hyacinth just peeking its little head out. Come on out, the weather is fine!


kneek said...

The first picture is a daphne- there are many types, but if it is sweet smelling in February, it is probably daphne odora.

Pikku- Kettu said...

Those look wonderful. All the little buds and leaves starting to push ther way towards the sun.

I wish Spring was that far advanced here as well. We've had lovely weather for a few days, and yesterday I saw some crocuses starting to bloom. But today, snow is falling again and I don't think those crocuses will survive. :(

telfair said...

Great pictures that made me long for spring. Here in MI we had 70 degrees early in the week, then snow on Thursday!

One step forward, two steps back.

craftydabbler said...

kneek - Thank you for letting me know. I think it may have a sweet smell. I'll try to remember to check next February.

pikku-kettu - We have had strange weather this winter. We don't usually get snow, but we had three snowfalls this year. One happened just at the end of February when the crocuses first made their appearance. A few of the flowers wilted, but otherwise they were fine. I know the temperatures in Finland though are much more severe.

telfair - That happened to us here. The snow storm I mentioned had happened a couple of days before the warmest winter day in history here.

Caro said...

I love spring, except for my allergies.

maijamirjami said...

On a return visit to your blog. Lovely spring photos you have here! Like Pikku-Kettu said we're much behind you with the spring and it's wonderful to see everything waking up after the long sleep.

elsewhere said...

Northern hemisphere plants always seem so much softer than southern ones. Always such a surprise to see them. Thanks.