Monday, February 12, 2007

I don't think I'm Anne, but then again,

I don't think I could possibly live up to any of Jane Austen's heroines. I read the book and watched the movie. I love to read, but I can read a book and have it go completely out of my head, even if I like it. As I was reading Persuasion, I would suddenly have an inkling of what was going to happen. I love the tension in Jane's, or should I say Miss Austen's, books. We all know that it will work out in the end, but the possibility of two people who really should be together, not getting together is almost too much to bear. I have to admit when watching Wentworth lean down to kiss Anne at the end of the movie, I got that tingly in my stomach feeling as if he was going to kiss me. I guess I got pretty wrapped up in it after all. The movie was a little disappointing, in that Anne's sister was a gross caricature of how I perceived her in the book. Anne also seemed to be rather mopey in the film, and I just didn't read her that way.

I read this article on green cleaning in the Guardian via The Worsted Witch. It was interesting, but mostly things I had read before. The one exception was the part where the person was cleaning her hob. I've never heard of a hob before. After a little googling, I found out that it is what I might call a stove top or cook top or a range.

England and America are two countries separated by a common language.
--George Bernard Shaw

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Rebecca said...

Oh yeh, nothing like giving yer old hob a good scrub! Do you also have HobNob biscuits (I mean cookies)!?