Saturday, September 15, 2007

My first from scratch softie!

A little lion in the tall grass.

Even though it has a wonky arm, it is quite special to me. I was rather frustrated with it when I had trouble with the arm, but as I was stuffing it I really had a sensation like it was coming into its own, almost coming alive if you will.

I made it for a friend's daughter for her first birthday. When Fiona woke up this morning and saw it, she was very excited and then very upset. She thought it was for her. She insisted that I make a different one for the one year old and that this one be hers. I promised her that I would make her one just like it. She said to make sure it had one short arm. That made me feel better about the arm. I think I sewed the wrist a little too tightly and I just couldn't turn it right-side out for the life of me. The little arm is kind of hard, because all the fabric is bunched up in there. It will be a perfect little teething lump.

Goodness, what a proud doll-mama am I.

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Jen Haller said...

And... Ellie LOVES it! I can't believe you came up with the idea and produced it in just one night - you are an amazing crafty lady! The little arm makes it all the more perfect. We love you!