Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A couple of things

Miss Fi just started preschool today. She is only going a couple of days a week, but I think it will be a lovely change for her, and me, too. While I was lying on the sofa eating bon-bons and watching soap operas, oh no, wait, I was just eating breakfast and reading in peace and quiet, I decided to look and see if there was a way for me to take a bus to pick Fiona up from school. Her dad takes her on his way to work. After fiddling around with all of the trip planner settings I found a way to take just one bus and with total round-trip walking distance of 2.2 miles. I am so very happy! I'll probably bring her little umbrella stroller along with me. And no, I won't do it all the time every time, but every little bit helps.

I've noticed people talking more and more about gray water and reusing it. Gray water is water that goes down the drain from your sinks, showers and bathtubs. What is flushed down the toilet is called black water. Today I caught the shower water that ran while I waited for the hot water to come and used it to flush the toilet. It is silly, but it felt like a little victory. It was something so easily done.

Not having pre-packaged food in the house is the only thing that saves me from serving mac and cheese and the like seven days a week. I had a lovely time off this morning, but I missed lunch, which made me a bit grumbly in the afternoon. When dinner preparation time came and went, I wandered around the kitchen looking for, hoping for, something easy. I ended up making spaghetti sauce from scratch because that was the easiest thing left to make in my meal plan for the week. I didn't really want to, there just weren't any other choices.

Each week I choose 5-6 recipes (for a total of about 8-9 meals), but I don't assign them to specific days, that way there is a bit of flexibility. One of the meals is always something easy like grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup or gardenburgers. I also only buy the things on the shopping list unless a staple is on sale, then I may stock up a bit.

Ok, I'm rambling. Time for bed.

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