Friday, November 03, 2006

"Am I evil...

yes, I am." (Metallica)

On Wednesday, when I took the day off it wasn't completely a whim. It was my birthday. I went to my favorite coffee shop for breakfast, then my favorite yarn store, then a bookstore that I had received a birthday gift card for, then a coffee shop (I live in Seattle, could you tell?), then a fabric store. It was wonderful; however, I received a call at 2pm that Fiona had a fever of 102.1. I had to go pick her up from daycare. I can't tell you how angry, frustrated and selfish I felt at that point. I just wanted to cry. When you are a parent you are never off duty.

Fiona and I have been home for the last two days. She had a fever off and on yesterday, but not today. Her daycare stipulates that a child must stay home at least 24 hours after its fever has broken, with good cause. I was a bad mother and took her shopping at IKEA on Thursday. I didn't let her play in the kids area, but she loves trying out all of the chairs and the beds in the grown-up area. Today we spent the day alternately playing and organizing my massive pile of crafting supplies that were to be found in bags of various sizes all over the house.

We had to go to the daycare center this evening to drop off payment for the month of November, so it wouldn't be late. I had been feeling tired and grumpy all day (I get that way when I am trying to get something done and am constantly interrupted.) On the way home, I decided that I wanted a coffee. I only drink decaf. I ordered a decaf gingerbread latte, as a special treat. They made it larger than I requested, but that was ok with me. I was drinking it, it was yummy and I started to notice that I was feeling "better." Hmmm. Yep, they made it with regular espresso instead of decaf. I think I will be up for a knitting marathon tonight.


As I mentioned I finished Alex's hat. I haven't given it to him yet. I can't wait and will post a picture. I started to knit a swatch of the Colinette Parisienne. It is pretty tricky. While at the yarn store on Wednesday I picked up a couple of skeins of Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille. I am going to knit some washcloths for some lucky folks this Christmas. As I was sorting my craft stuff I came across a scarf that I had started for my sister-in-law last year, but lost interest in, no time like the present. I am doing random rows with super chunky yarn. I like how it is coming out. I also fiddled with the poncho that I knitted for Fiona this last spring. It only has some crocheted (sp?) edges that need to be done.

I bought the Denyse Schmidt Quilts book. I like all of the little projects that I can do. I plan on making the patchwork backing for the glass clip photo frames (bought some while I was at IKEA), putting in Fiona's school pictures then giving them to relatives. Her pattern and fabrics for the oven mitts look like so much fun. I only own one potholder, and it was made by a young cousin about five or six years ago.

I found two used Martha Stewart books at the book store, one on gardening and the other for Christmas. I'm kind of excited about some of the crafty things to do for the holidays ahead.

Ok, it's the caffeine folks. I feel like I could go on and on.

Good night.

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