Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I've been reticent to blog, as I feel like I have to do this very well, and that I can't just jot something down and accept it. So, I am here today to break that pattern. I think I will probably do lots of short informal posts interspersed with the occassional long post.

I saw several bumper stickers on a car yesterday as I was driving to work. The one that caught my eye said "Give war a chance" (one caveat, there were three small words in a separate bubble that I couldn't read). There were several other stickers including a Marine Corps emblem, a peace sign, and one that said "SECURE OUR BORDERS." I was just stunned. I still am.

As for WIP, the Month of Softies doll's legs and arms are finished. I ran to the fabric store last night after Fiona was in bed and bought some lovely violet embrodery floss for the doll's eyes. I have come to think of her as the baker's daughter. I know there is a story of a mean baker's daughter, but that is not who this doll is. If I have time, she will have an apron and some oven mits.

I began the gauge swatch for Alex's hat yesterday at lunch. The yarn knits up more beatifully than it appeared in the skein. That's always a nice surprise.

The poncho is still waiting, and waiting, and waiting.

I have a couple of ideas for future projects. I want to try knitting socks for Fiona. I have a couple of coworkers who are very excited to mold me into a dpn-less sock knitter. I think I would like to try both ways, but I'm getting ahead of myself. My other idea is a patchwork cotton chenille duvet cover. I love the look of cotton chenille. I would love to have a cotton chenille bedspread, but we never really make the bed (we are avowed slobs) and we have a king size bed. So I thought it would be fun to piece together squares of various colors and textures and then sew a king sheet on the back and stuff the comforter in. Any comments on this idea would be appreciated.

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