Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A beginning...

Sometimes I say I knit. I've made a scarf. The entire thing was seed stitch with yarn that was about 5 stiches to the inch and the scarf was about 8" wide and about 5' long. A little big and tedious for a first knitting project. Then I finished a hat for a baby with tiny cotton yarn on size 3 US needles. I have a poncho for my daughter that I have been working on for about 8 months, and by working on, I mean leaving sit in a bag 98% of the time.

Two friends have recently given birth. For the first I bought some yarn to make a hat, but never got past the gauge swatch. The second friend gave birth just last week. I decided three days before the baby was coming to knit a hat. I went to the yarn store and picked out a fluffy yarn, 2-1/4 stitches to the inch, then went home and without a pattern knitted a hat. It is very Dr. Seuss/Elvish. When Fiona, my 3 year old daughter saw it, she asked me to knit one for her. And miracle of miracles, I finished it last night. I will post pics soon.

I have a tendency to start crafty things and then not finish, but blogs, like Soozs and Wol & Zo are really inspiring.

I am going to finish that poncho, right after I finish the baby hat for the first baby. I want him to have something he can wear when he goes off to college. : )

I also like needle felting. I made some adorable ladybugs with dots and numbers, on the bottom, for counting. I got the idea from this website. I started to make a rabbit for an Easter basket stuffer last year, but I didn't finish in time, so the bunny is languishing in my craft bag.

Little pumpkins and jack o' lanterns for Halloween will be my next felting project, I think.

A Month of Softies is calling my name though. I haven't sewn since I was 10, but I'm going to give it a go.

Oh, and did I mention collage? I've been really drawn to it in the last month. Here is a little daily inspiration.

Yesterday I found the A Year of Color group, so now I want to do more photography. I was lucky enough to be at the birth of my friends little girl and to be the official photographer.

Did I mention I have a full time job and a three year old?


sooz said...

Good luck with the blog! Nice to know there are people getting inspired out there :-)

craftydabbler said...

Thank you! I've been reading your blog for the last month or so. I go everyday hoping for a new tidbit.