Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Interview

I was reading the blog Wisdom of the Moon and saw that she had interviewed her child about her parents. I thought it might be fun for Father's Day to interview Fiona.

1. What is something your dad always says to you?

I love you.

2. What makes your dad happy?

When I hug him and kiss him.

3. What makes your dad sad?

When I hit him.

4. How does your dad make you laugh?

Tickles me.

5. What did your dad like to do when she was a child?


6. How old is your dad?

I don't know.

7. How tall is your dad?

Stand up. He can touch the ceiling.

8. What is your dad's favorite thing to do?

Be silly.

9. What does your dad do when you're not around?

Watch movies.

10. If your dad becomes famous, what will it be for?


11. What is your dad really good at?

Being silly.

12. What is your dad not very good at?

Being serious.

13. What does your dad do for his job?

He works.

14. What is your dad's favorite food?


15. What do you and your dad do together?

Go places with him.

16. How are you and your dad the same?

My hair is kind of blondish.

17. How are you and your dad different?

I'm not as tall as him.

18. How do you know your dad loves you?

Because he hugs me.

19. Where is your dad's favorite place to go?

The zoo!

20. What is your favorite game to play with your dad?


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Caro said...

How cute. I love the picture of the two of them together. Doughnuts, huh?