Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I'm going to vent...

We forgot to put away the new stick of butter from the table after dinner last night. I found part of it in the hall. Thanks, dog.

We are very short on money right now. I went shopping to get just a few things to cover simple dinners for the next couple of days. I decided to splurge on one item. Challah bread, that we could snack on and have with soup for the next couple of days. When we got home Fiona had to go to the bathroom. When I get back to the kitchen only half of the loaf is left and it is covered with teeth marks. Thanks, dog.

I started making dinner. No onions for the soup. I added a couple of bouillon cubes and some hard cheese to add some flavor. I pulled out the greens I had just bought. I hadn't checked them when I bought them. I was rather distracted. There were THREE different kind of bugs all over the undersides of every leaf. I just couldn't handle it. I will throw some parsley in the soup for a bit of green and some flavor.

Now, I know that every one of these things is my fault, but I am so very, very frustrated. It makes it feel as if the day has been a waste. But it hasn't.

I was driving by a consignment shop and saw a toy organization shelf/basket combination. It was $30. I didn't know where the money would come from. Then I remembered we had a collection of coins sitting in the linen cupboard. We took them and turned them in at the store. There was $47. We went and bought the shelf.

The co-op we shop at gives a coupon once a month for 10% off. You can save the coupon and bring in the receipt with the highest value. I had neglected using these for three months. I turned those in at the grocery store and only had to pay $7 cash for the groceries I bought today.

My neighbor brought over some rhubarb bars she baked. So, we have something for dessert.

I told a friend that I was thinking of making a doll for a friend's child, and I asked if I could have her coupon for 40% off at the fabric store. She said she had some fabrics I could use. She brought them over. I mentioned I was thinking of going to the thrift store to try and find some funky fabric. She said she was going to drop a bag of stuff off. I offered to take it. When I went to put the groceries in the trunk, the bag had fallen over and I saw some cloth napkins that I liked. I called and left a message asking if it would be ok if I kept them.

So it was a bad day and a good day.

My hold on The Tightwad Gazette came in the other day, and I've been reading that the last couple of nights. I also joined the Riot for Austerity. I won't make 90%, but I'm working on reducing.

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