Friday, January 19, 2007

Food poisoning

Yep. I ate at the company cafeteria and I got food poisoning. After I was sick the first time and feeling a little better, I thought, I might actually knit while I'm home from work. I'm afraid not. I have, however, read most of Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. It has been an interesting ride and read. I wasn't sure if I was really enjoying it until about a third of the way through. I would definitely recommend it.

I'm still "working" on the scarf for my co-worker.

Fiona's daycare is still closing. We haven't quite found the best solution yet. Thinking about a new place for care then rolls into pre-kindergarten and kindergarten. I don't want her to go through more changes than necessary. I went to 14 different schools between kindergarten and high school, and I went to the same high school for three years. I don't want that for my child.

I have lately been intrigued by unschooling/homeschooling. Am I a nut? I don't know. My husband doesn't like the idea one bit.

Be well.


jackie said...

I tried home schooling with my eldest. It was a nightmare. Some parents can, some can't. Some kids will, some won't.

telfair said...

Oh my gosh, that's terrible. I frequently feel somewhat nauseous after eating in our company cafeteria, but it's kind of a joke amongst us that they add a "stomach churner." None of us have ever actually gotten food poisoning. I sincerely hope you feel much better, soon, and are well enough to knit.